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    6:00pm Great Vespers
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    9:10am Hours
    9:30am Divine Liturgy, Lite Potluck
    6:00pm Men's Group
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    Memorial Saturday
    (Daylight Savings tonight)
    1:00pm Ladies Akathist and Tea
    5:00pm Teen Book Study
    5:00pm Choir Rehearsal
    5:00pm Orthodoxy Class
    6:00pm General Panikhida, Great Vespers, Confessions
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    Sunday of the Last Judgement
    Meatfare Sunday
    9:10am Hours
    9:30am Divine Liturgy, Panikhida for Quint H. & Rebecca G.
    Potluck: Group 2

Synaxis of the Saints of North America

TROPARION — As the bountiful harvest of Your sowing of salvation, the lands of North America offer to You, O Lord, all the saints who have shone in them. By their prayers keep the Church and our land in abiding peace through the Theotokos, O most Merciful One.

— commemorated on June 18th (OUR PARISH FEAST DAY!)


"Truly, not a single earthly pleasure can satisfy our heart. We are strangers on earth, pilgrims and travelers; our home and fatherland are there in heaven, in the heavenly kingdom; and there does not exist on earth things that could perfectly satisfy our desires."

- St. Innocent of Alaska


All Saints of North America
Orthodox Church

10440 4th Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114